How it works

all about the new gym website that
revolutionizes the way we workout

Gyms On The Go is a gym membership website which connects the public to independent gyms throughout the UK.
So people can use any gym, in any area, anytime, paying just one discounted monthly membership.


By offering multiple locations to train, you can choose exactly which gyms you want to be members of. It’s the perfect solution if you travel regularly and want to train at a gym away from your home, or use a different gym as well as your local one, without paying separate gym membership fees.


save money

With Gyms on the Go, you’re getting multiple gyms for one discounted price. This gives you freedom to train at different places, and with different facilities. Why restrict yourself when you can do Crossfit, Boxing, Zumba or go to a spa gym throughout the week. Visit many independent gyms for a single monthly cost.


looking after your health

Everyone knows the benefits of regular exercise, important for both your health and your general well-being. It also promotes a healthy mood too so you can banish those winter blues or make the most of our rainy summer! Stress less about having to beat the rush hour drive home by going to the gym near to where you work – as well as visiting your favourite local gym with all your friends!


lift, run, swim…

Choose from our extensive list of gyms by location, facilities and training preference. Weights, cardio, swimming, boxing, circuits, personal training, olympic lifting, crossfit and more. Introduce variety into your exercise routine by choosing Gyms on the Go.


work around your schedule

We know everyone is busier than ever these days, and that’s why we’re trying to make exercising easier! What could be better than using any gym, in any area, anytime, paying just one discounted monthly membership. Train where you want, when you want – and most importantly around your lifestyle.